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The RAW 4X4 Suspension Agents for the Northern Territory

If there’s one thing we know at Darwin 4X4 Centre, it’s suspension. Every staff member is a proud 4WD owner. Pull up to our Winnellie workshop and see for yourself.

Darwin 4X4 Centre is a RAW 4X4 Suspension Authorised Dealer & Fitting Centre, offering the latest suspension components to equip your vehicle with the best off-road and load-carrying capabilities.

Our mechanics are experienced in fitting all heavy-duty suspension equipment and accessories. This includes shock absorbers and struts, steering dampers, protective armour, torsion bars, as well as leaf and coil springs. You’ll also receive a 150,000km, 2-year warranty when purchasing any of our new RAW Suspension products.

Time is the biggest factor in suspension deterioration. The usual wear and tear caused by years on the road poses serious financial and safety risks. Protect your family and your investment with Darwin 4X4 Centre—the trusted name in all suspension maintenance, servicing and repairs.

We also offer performance modification options with suspension lifts, shock mounts, coilovers and brackets. As RAW 4X4 Suspension Agents, we can help get your 4WD off-road ready with Australian suspension products, designed for Australian needs.

Our suspension products include:

Create a higher ground clearance or make room for bigger tyres. Have your suspension maintained for safety. Whatever repair or modification you need, Darwin 4X4 Centre provides. Book a service today.

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